Sponsor the Dutch VR Awards

Virtual Reality (VR) and related technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality are currently attracting a lot of attention as emerging technologies with big impact in the near future. In the Netherlands an active community of developers and start-ups dedicated to VR has emerged. Also established companies are starting to explore the possibilities. Starting this year the VRNL foundation will annually organize the Dutch VR Awards to put the best VR and AR projects from Dutch soil in the spotlights. It is possible to become a sponsor of the Dutch VR Awards.

As a sponsor of the Awards you will get access to our comprehensive network of start-ups, VR hubs, incubators, companies, students, universities and other knowledge centers that are active in the field of VR and AR.

For example, you can:

1 - Personally get to know the people that are changing the world

2 - Get more insight how to apply virtual reality from the best talents in the field

3 - Find the best students who want to work on VR and AR

4 - Better decide on investing in high potential start-ups

5 - Learn more about the use of virtual reality for your own organization


We have several sponsorship opportunities. Of course you will receive VIP tickets to the gala evening where the Awards are presented and there is also a possibility of a private table for your organization and your business relations. You can eventually contribute to the content of the program for this evening. Your organization is mentioned as a sponsor in our communications, such as the website and mailings to our community and in press releases. You will make it clear,  in- and externally, that your organization is also actively working on the introduction of virtual reality.

VRNL, the Dutch Virtual Reality Foundation, is recognized as not-profit organization by the national government of the Netherlands and donations could be tax deductable accordingly.

If you want to learn more about the sponsorship opportunities, please contact:

Ir. Fred Hage - f.hage@dutchvrawards.nl – Chairman VRNL

Dr. Ir. Al-Noor Ladhani - ladhani@dutchvrawards.nl - Chairman Dutch VR Awards