The unique EYE Award is specially designed in crystal glass

Winners of the Dutch VR Awards will get publicity in the media

During the presentation of the Awards the press will be present. The winners will receive attention  through the press, our media partners and social media. In the next period the winners will get extra attention through our our media partners. This can be realized in the form of an editorial product, an advertorial and / or a video report.

Winners of the Dutch VR Awards will receive the unique EYE Award

We have designed a very special award. This award is made of crystal glass and weighs 2.5 kg. Central to this design, no surprise here, is an eye. That is why we have named this award the "EYE". The VR Award is a cube of crystal glass in which an abstract model of an eye will be engraved with laser on the inside. Below you can see the 3D model of an eye that is used to drive the laser:


3D model of the eye which is used for the inside of the crystal glass Award
Ontwerp van de EYE

A corner of the cube is removed, so that the cube can stand on it. After the model of an eye is lasered in the crystal glass, the logo of the Dutch VR Awards and text are engraved. The result is a beautiful and distinctive award that deserves a nice spot for the winners.


De EYE Award
De kristalglazen Award voor de winnaars